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Drumathon 2020 T-shirt

Drumathon 2020 T-shirt

Rock-down in lock-down in a DRUMATHON 2020 T-shirt - and support the NHS!


In a spectacular week of continuous beats, wear your T 2020 and bang your drums, loud and proud at 9pm.


Pay what you can above £20.20 (incl. P&P) to the UK ONLY and pre-order today! 

Each and every #DrumForNHS donation raises more funds for our amazing NHS and frontline workers

NHS we salute you,  and drummers, we thank you all

  • Order Information

    When an order has been placed, it is not possible to change any parts of the order. This includes adding or removing items, changing the size or colour, or changing the delivery address or method. An order cannot be cancelled once dispatched. Orders only ship to the UK

  • Returns

    No returns accepted

  • Delivery date

    T-Shirts to be delivered soon after the event closes early June 2020.

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