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Errol Kennedy's Imagination

Errol Kennedy, born Montego Bay, Jamaica is a dynamic British entertainer and original member of the highly successful soul-funk band Imagination. Today his passion, energy and enthusiasm combined with a deep love of music are as strong as ever.  Errol is also involved with many other creative projects that build on his wealth of talent and connections.


Errol is an extremely talented drummer, whose roots in the carnival and marching bands of Jamaica prepared him for a musical career which officially began in London during the early 1970’s. Initially, Errol was a founder member of jazz-funk band TFA, then TFB Central Line and Midnight Express. In 1980, he co-founded Imagination with Ashley Ingram and Leee John. Errol’s personality and dance moves could no longer be contained behind the drum kit; his inner showman was unleashed and throughout the 80's the legendary trio danced, sang and wowed audiences world-wide. Once Imaginations glory days were over and the band went their separate ways, Errol’s success continued both as a musician and producer. Working with Hugh Masekela at Bray Film Studios they produced the soundtrack for the movie ‘Soweto’ and during the 1990’s he worked with bands such as Odyssey, Shalamar, Rose Royce, Grace Kennedy, Jamiroqui, Frankie Knuckles, Arthur Baker and Colonel Abraham.


Errol re-discovered his teenage Air Training Core passion for Aviation history, whist making films for his company ‘EPK Working Arts’ at ‘Jerry Anderson's Studio.’ He was asked to create a show reel to raise money for the RAF Benevolent Fund. With his production team they travelled to numerous RAF airbases filming every WW2 and modern plane they could find. In a flash of inspiration, he engaged celebrities to voice the film commentaries, raising more than £1.2 million over the following years.


Errol created a series of documentaries 'Heroes of Aviation' with commentaries narrated by Richard Todd, Edward Woodward, Robert Powell, Raymond Baxter and produced ‘Flying Machines and their Heroes’ - a series of high quality DVD’s, audio books and eBooks for aviation enthusiasts which shares the amazing true life experiences of men and their machines during World War II. Check out these unsung heroes stories at


And now for something completely different.

Back to the future, with Errol Kennedy’s latest release ‘One In A Million’ an upbeat, funk electro dance track with some heartfelt lyrics. Errol explains, 


“‘One In A Million' is about the most amazing people.

Those amazing people who've made incredible changes in your life.

Its about great people who’ve made the planet a better place, those unforgettable people who make extraordinarily great things happen…

But the words are also very personal too – they are about your lover, your mother, your partner, your best friend  - those awesome people who make life good for you everyday.

They are one in a million.

So you can interpret the song romantically to that one special person you love, or globally, historically, politically, spiritually to those who inspire you to live a better life.

Hey - and just for the record - You're one in a million!!”


Who is your ‘One In A Million'?

Spread the love and let that person know

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Let Errol know your ‘One In A Million’ story


Imagination ft. Errol Kennedy


Unable to reconcile the original group, Errol ultimately reformed Imagination under the new name ‘Imagination Featuring Errol Kennedy.’ The band’s line-up continues to generate Imagination’s original ‘sexy feel good’ vibes by performing their hit songs in new, dynamic ways.   A natural showman Errol’s is thrilled once again to perform to live audiences.


Imagination Featuring Errol Kennedy, has been experiencing a new wave of success with the band performing at numerous festivals and venues throughout Europe.

The band headlined at the O2 Indigo with Shakatak, Gwen Dickey from Rose Royce, Otis Redding Jnr and the Edwin Starr Band also on the bill. In Italy, after Comacchio’s Summer Festival - where the band had been entertaining more than 10,000 fans - the Mayor of Comacchio was so impressed - he presented Errol with an Outstanding Performance Award.

On Ibiza’s party island thousands of new fans found themselves appreciating Imagination’s reworked classic songs; proving that the legacy of Imagination is timeless and universal.

With exciting shows and new releases, the band’s fan base is growing as re-mixes, dance tracks and concerts appeal to new audiences around the globe.


 ‘The Greatest Hits Live Album,’ was recorded during the band’s UK tour and includes all the Imagination classics: ‘Flashback,’ ‘In and Out of Love,’ ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ ‘Body Talk,’ ‘Music and Lights’ and ‘Just an Illusion.’

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