Greatest Hits Live - Imagination Ft. Errol Kennedy

  • Imagination
    Greatest Hits Live Ft. Errol Kennedy & Friends


    Genres: Pop, Music
    Released: Jan 29, 2016


    IMAGINATION ft Errol Kennedy Greatest Hit Live Album


    01  Intro Greates Hit Live 

    02  Flashback (Live)

    03  Heart & Soul (Live)

    04  In & Out of Love (Live)

    05  Looking at Midnight (Live)

    06  In The Heat of The Night (Live)

    07  Point Of No Return (Live)

    08  Burning Up (Live)

    09  New Dimension (Live)

    10  Body Talk (Live) 

    11  You Can Be (Live) 

    12  Music And Lights (Live)

    13  Changes (Live)

    14  Just An Illusion (Live)

    15  In & Out Of Love (Instrumental) (Live)

    16  You Can Be (Instrumental) (Live) 

    17  You Can Be  Trevor. Back to Old School Club Remix).

    18  Just an Illusion (Fonkytaff & 1DforLife) Remix


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